Oh, I’ve got some goodies for you this week! Think powerful books, incredible writing prompts and some links to give your literate life a bit of love this weekend. =)

What I’m Reading:

This week, I savored Boundary Boss by Terri Cole. Normally, I am a pretty swift reader, but this book is FILLED with opportunities for self reflection and well, work, so I spent a luxurious amount of time reading it. This book spoke directly to my heart and Terri Cole’s no-nonsense, conversational and heartful voice felt like I was having a conversation with a dear, and very real, friend. I don’t have enough space to share what I’ve learned here, but here was my BIG take-away: Boundaries matter. And most important, the boundaries we create for OURSELVES matter most. In the past, I’ve put too much focus on the boundaries outside of my control, trying to change everything and everyone around me instead of doing the hard work inside my head and heart to truly change from within. But after reading, I can’t go back and can feel a tangible shift in my energy for what’s to come. I highly recommend everyone read this.

What I’m Writing:

Oh, do I love the additions to my notebook this week! The first is a page full of affirmations. Boundary Boss author Terri Cole recommends choosing affirmations to continually repeat to ourselves when we need them most. Things like:
  • I love myself unconditionally.
  • I prioritize my pleasure daily (think self-care here!).
  • I always have more than enough time.
  • I am worthy.
So, I spent some time doodling these phrases in my notebook and I admit, it is definitely a mood-booster! You have to try it. It made me realize that I REALLY want this hand lettering journal of affirmations now!

I’ve also been thinking more and more about what I want my life to look like now that we are finally starting to emerge from the pandemic. I love how this article puts a positive spin on quarantine as a once-in-a-lifetime-chance-to-start-over and gives us a concrete way to reflect with my favorite activity ever: list-making. =) So, create a list of what you want to leave behind that you did NOT miss in the pandemic. Then, create a list of the new ways of living you want to KEEP. My lists were pretty telling and I bet yours will be, too!

What I’m Learning:

My word of the month is joy, so I was instantly drawn to Dr. Laurie Santos’ work where she dives deep into happiness: joy IN your life and joy WITH our life. Yes, those are two different things. As part of my learning, I encountered an incredibly joyful term: time confetti. Say it with me: time confetti. It makes you smile, right?

Time confetti is exactly what it sounds like: small bits of time that seem inconsequential, but offer delightful opportunities for happiness and joy. She recommends creating a Time Confetti Wish List so that when those pockets of time emerge, we don’t unconsciously start scrolling our phones, we choose something from our list that we know will fuel our happiness.

This is a game-changer, friends.

What I’m Loving:

I’m so excited for my StartOver session next Tuesday! I’ll be talking about all things notebooking and journaling. Join me!

I’ve been thinking about Holstee’s blog post ever since it arrived in my Inbox earlier this week: Three Ways to Get More Out of Less. There’s lots to think about here and it even starts with one of my all-time-favorite-TED-Talks: Embrace the Shake.

Have you seen this short film? It’s called BJ’s Mobile Gift Shop and is a beautiful example of innovation and connection...but beware: there are a few swear words, but I think it has a potent effect. =)

There you have it! I hope this inspires you to make space for more reading and writing in your own life. What are the highlights from your literate life this week?
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