Spring is on the way! It was a bit milder in NY and although it was rainy, it was bright in the morning and bright later into the evening, too. It was such a needed pick-me-up! I hope you’ve had a great week, too, and your weekend is everything you want it to be.

What I’m Reading:

This Place Far Away by Ruth Campbell is, in my opinion, a hidden gem. Honestly, if I had not won this book on a Goodreads give-away, I probably would not have picked it up. And not because it did not seem appealing, but because I simply would not have known this life-changing book existed. Campbell artfully tells the story of Wilf and Peggy, a young boy and teenage girl thrust together in unlikely circumstances during World War II. While Wilf originally came to stay with Peggy’s family to keep him safe and taken care of, it’s Wilf that gives Peggy’s family exactly what it needs. As the story unfolded, I became so deeply invested in the characters and mesmerized by the wit and wisdom of a boy wiser beyond his years, a boy that had a tremendous impact on those he left behind. It left me questioning my own legacy I’d like to leave behind and what that means for my actions today. I’ll be reading more by this author, for sure.

I also read Creatively Productive by Lisa Johnson. Oh, how I enjoyed this! It’s like I was sitting with a trusted, and very funny, friend who was walking me through how to clear clutter, tackle time and just be happier. Could it get any better than that?

What I’m Writing:

This week, my journal prompt came from a very unlikely place: an email from Melissa Urban, founder of the Whole 30 method of eating. And no, the prompt was not focused on my nutritional habits, it invited me to consider how I define self-care and ‘pay myself’ first before giving to others. So today, take a minute and ask yourself: How are you paying yourself first and taking care of #1? Are you getting enough sleep? Only checking your email at certain times of day? Lighting a candle every afternoon? Finding time for a creative hobby? Create a list of all the little ways you pay yourself first. And no matter how big or small, challenge yourself to add one more thing and make time for it this weekend.

What I’m Learning:

Have you ever had a week where there just didn’t seem to be time for learning something new? Well, I’ve had that kind of week. So, do you know that I did? I turned to Google for a random search. I clicked in the ‘I’m Feeling Stellar’ button and was instantly immersed in images of the Orion Nebula. I never knew how calming images like this could be. And those images reminded me of the Northern Lights (which reminded me of Kristin Hannah’s book, The Great Alone), so I spent a glorious three minutes watching a time-lapsed version of them. Trust me, take 3 minutes and watch it for yourself.

What I’m Loving:

A friend introduced me to Boogie Down Books, a bookstore without walls. Really! They offer pop-up events, mobile book sales, author events, workshops and more to devoted readers. While I’m not close to the Bronx to take part in this cool concept, we all can take part in their virtual events. I highly recommend you take a look!

I love author backstories and I love Jacqueline Woodson. So I was in luck to find this article about her current practices, something sure to inspire you today, too.

I’m also loving this month’s screensaver from Tombow. It’s what greets me every time I log into my computer!

There you have it! I hope this inspires you to make space for more reading and writing in your own life. What are the highlights from your literate life this week?
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