While Spring may have officially begun on March 20th, the shift into April is what really marks the coming of Spring for many. And even though I saw a bit of snow fall from the sky yesterday, I am convinced Spring is on it’s way. That means more Spring cleaning, a new word for April and some Easter preparations.
What I’m Reading:

This week, I read the most beautiful and thought provoking picture book for the Choice Literacy Book Club: Little Brown by Marla Frazee. This is a BEAUTIFUL book that celebrates the complexities of life and reminds us that things might not always be what they seem. This book is perfect to launch conversations with children AND adults. I've been Little Brown, I've worked with Little Brown, I've ignored Little Brown and I've supported Little Brown and the outcome depends on how I think and what I do next. A must read.

I read an introduction of Pity Party by Kathleen Lane on The Nerdy Book Club Blog and instantly borrowed it from the library. I’d been collecting texts with characters that triumph over anxiety to share with teachers and students and this seemed to fit the bill. It did. For a book focused specifically on anxiety, I found myself laughing often, truly entertained by the relatable voices in the characters head, the awkward social situations and never-ending inner monologue. Pair those stories with the hilarious Choose Your Own Catastrophe, messages from book sponsors and fun quizzes and you’ve got a book that not only entertains, but will make you feel seen, heard and loved.

Last up? Ranger in Time: Hurricane Katrina Rescue by Kate Messner. This book is part of the delightful Ranger in Time series about a time-traveling golden retriever with search-and-rescue training who works to rescue characters in trouble throughout history. When Clare finds herself alone in her New Orleans home during Hurricane Katrina, she calls on the lessons learned from her father to save herself, her grandmother and the unexpected dog that suddenly accompanied her. While this book might be full of four-legged fantasy, it portrays the grim reality of the people of the Lower Ninth Ward during Hurricane Katrina, honoring their bravery and community while giving the rest of us a glimpse into the devastating damage on all levels. This may have been my first Ranger in Time series, but it will certainly not be the last.

What I’m Writing:

This week, I spent some time writing about my own personal commandments. Gretchen Rubin (you know how much I adore her work!) invites everyone to articulate the overarching principles by which we live our lives….or want to. I was so inspired by her personal commandments from The Happiness Project and finally created my own. Here are a few:
  • Eat today for how I want to feel tomorrow.
  • Read or write at least one page every day.
  • Give more than you receive.
  • Always choose kind.
What would your personal commandments include? Head to your notebook and think it through!

What I’m Learning:

If there’s one thing I’ve learned for sure from my monthly vision journey in 2021, it’s this: No matter which word I choose to guide my days ahead, there’s something incredibly powerful about giving that word daily intention in my everyday life. And this month, I’ve picked the BEST. WORD. EVER. Head to my blog post to find out what it is and learn from my journey. I’m diving deep into this word and plan to notebook my way to a better understanding of it.

What I’m Loving:

Kathleen Lane, the author of Pity Party, runs an art empowerment program called Create More, Fear Less. The program invites students to carve out space for art and creativity to take on worries and fears. Honestly, I’d love to start a chapter for ADULTS so I can join in. Would anyone here join in on a session to see how it works? Hit reply!

There you have it! I hope this inspires you to make space for more reading and writing in your own life. What are the highlights from your literate life this week?
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