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by Stephanie, November 25, 2020

I adore the holidays. My family and I have many traditions to look forward to: our beloved advent calendar, putting up Christmas lights, the annual nerf gun war with grandparents and decorating gingerbread houses, even with teenagers. =) This year was certainly one for the record books and the entire experience has made me prioritize what matters most this holiday season.

And for me, that means making reading (and writing!) a priority throughout my days. It’s truly my personal form of self-care and I’ve been exploring small indulgences to make my reading life even more delightful. I’ve browsed, favorited and added things to my cart that are lighting my reading heart on fire and now, I’m sharing them with you. Here are my top gifts that I’ve either received, plan to give to others or have already bought for myself (shhhhh!):

Book Darts

These book darts make it onto my reading wish list each and every year. They are the PERFECT way to mark compelling quotes and events throughout the pages of a book to savor later on.

Library Card Mug

I have to have this. It brings back wonderful memories of physically signing out my library books and leaving lasting proof of my reading life behind. They come in multiple colors, but the yellow mug is all mine. =)

Personalized Wire Bookmark

I collect bookmarks and I love the whimsical nature of this personalized wire bookmark to perfectly hold my place. Choose one word that truly speaks to you or personalize with your name instead.

Bookmarks Are For Quitters T-Shirt

I bought this for my daughter for Christmas last year and this year, I am getting my own. I can just picture myself snuggled in front of a fire with this shirt on and a great book in my hands.

I'd Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life by Anne Bogel

I love the What Should I Read Next podcast and I love this book, too. Readers are kindred spirits and you’ll find yourself smiling and nodding as Anne invites you into her readerly life.

Book Scented Candle

I love a good scent to put me in the holiday mood and this candle is sure to put me in the reading mood! It promises to smell like the pages of a book and will definitely make its way into my home this holiday season.

Reading & Writing Wish Bracelets

I believe in the power of tangible items to spark memories or urge me to action. These reading and writing wish bracelets do just that. Just choose a color, tie it to your wrist and remind yourself to read and write each day. It comes with a cute poem and is handcrafted by…! =)

Customized Library Stamp

I’ve always loved writing my names in the front cover of my treasured books. Some I keep, some I pay forward to future readers, but I love knowing my name is permanently represented in the book as someone who loved it. Here is the stamp currently on my Etsy wish list!

Chocolate Books

Do I need to say anymore? Take a look at these edible treats and grab some for your next reading session!

Book Ornaments

Each year, my family and I make or purchase a new ornament for our Christmas tree to represent who we were and what life was like that year. It makes decorating the tree a celebration of family memories. This year, my personal ornament looks like a miniature hardcover book to represent the attention I gave my reading life during quarantine.

There you have it! A round-up of some of my readerly favorites to gift and to receive. What’s on your reading wish list this year?

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