The Queen Bee & Me, Dot Day & Bullet Journaling

in , by Stephanie, October 22, 2020

It's Friday!

How was your literate life this week? As always, I’m here in your Inbox to celebrate our literate lives with a sneak peek into my own. Here’s what I’ve been reading, writing, learning and exploring this week:

What I’m Reading:

This week, I was completely enamored with The Queen Bee and Me by Gillian McDunn and was reminded why I spend so much of my reading life reading children’s literature: experiencing the life of a child makes me a better person. I gain insight into the dilemmas that were long forgotten but still very present for children, the emotions children experience that adults do not seem to recognize or privilege and the incredible gifts they can teach us if we simply listen. I learned a great deal from Meg that I will forever carry with me as an adult woman with an inner child and especially, as a mother. She’s given me the gift of living inside a child’s mind so that I can better serve the children I am blessed with in reality. A must read. Find it on Amazon or Bookshop. 

I’m also reading Read the World: Rethinking Literacy for Empathy and Action in a Digital Age by Kristin Ziemke  and Katie Muhtaris. I’m exploring classroom literacy instruction with a group of graduate students and this is PERFECT reading to ensure we make good use of technology during remote and virtual learning. 

What I’m Writing:

Since International Dot Day was September 15-ish, I spent some time getting creative in my notebook. I randomly opened my Start with a Dot: A Journal for Making Your Mark notebook and got busy with some inspiration from Peter Reynold’s website. How did you celebrate International Dot Day?

What I’m Learning:

So very much. This week, I’ve tried to up my Hyperdocs game. I transformed my Writer’s Notebook Hyperdoc for teachers and students into a beautiful digital notebook instead, thanks to Slides Mania. It’s the perfect way to bridge technology with old-fashioned notebooks and is the perfect way to spark writing from home. Interested in learning more? Join my free webinar TOMORROW at 10am EST to take a look and see how I create them!

What I’m Exploring:

If you’ve been with me for a bit, you know I have an obsession for notebooks. This week, I’ve been diving into the research behind how and why this work matters so much and have become FASCINATED by Ryder Carroll’s Bullet Journal method. I’m knee-deep in his website and trying out pages of my own. Do you have a bullet journal? Send me some page ideas for my own!

There you have it! I hope this inspires you to make space for more reading and writing in your own life. What are the highlights from your literate life this week? Share and celebrate in the comments below!

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